Mother's Daughter and Other Songs (Vinyl)

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The debut album from Tunng, originally released in 2005 on Static Caravan records (VAN88). Last available on vinyl in 2006. 

We're excited to announce that we are reissuing our first album 'Mother's Daughter and Other Songs'. Very special Dinked Archive edition as well as clear vinyl available to pre-order from today. Head here for more info

Here's what Sam had to say about it:

"This album was made in a broom cupboard sized room underneath a ladies clothing shop... the only access to the studio was through the tiny wardrobe-like changing room. Like going into Narnia.

Creatively it was a special part of my life, meeting Mike and being introduced to new people and perspectives. That's the time that I really began to learn about collaboration. Collaboration was something I was pretty afraid of for all kinds of personal reasons. Mike was just too good to not work with! It began a journey of being gradually more open to working with others that continues to this day. There's something almost magical about that 'other' thing that emerges in working jointly on something. It's almost like its own third person with a life and personality.

The Tunng sound really came out of Mike's immersion in non vocal electronica (the studio he worked in was part of Expanding Records, a label specialising in the genre) along with a shared interest in English folk music. Mike's intuition for sounds and constructs that feel new and fresh is just amazing and he guided things in a direction that I found very inspiring. He was also really encouraging about my weirder and darker lyrics and as a result I felt very free to experiment. I'd been looking for a producer to work with on solo material and I was keen to bring electronics into the acoustic songs I was writing but my touchstones and my writing at the time were more mainstream indie, folk and pop. Mike introduced me to this whole world of underground music that totally opened my mind. He was also this very inspiring confident character and I think over the years that has helped me come out of my shell a little. It quite quickly became apparent that working together was going to be more productive than working on my existing songs. I had a 9 to 5 daytime bar job in the City at the time and we developed a routine of me dropping round after work or at weekends to work on tracks. After a few months we had a demo that we sent to Geoff Dolman at Static Caravan. Not long after that, Geoff put it out as our first album." 


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