Following the release of a double A-side 7" earlier this year (via Full Time Hobby) to critical acclaim, the London based outfit also today unveil details of their upcoming London headline show on Nov 10th at the Sebright Arms'Fame' dissects ways in which vulnerable people are preyed upon by those in television and the media. Set to a woozy, summery jam - a sound quickly becoming a trademark of the London based five-piece. 

On 'Fame', the band offer the following "Fame started a while ago when I used to work in TV, and it's gone through quite a few iterations. It's about the culture that surrounds reality TV. The focus is on the superficial and illusion. It's pretty horrid. It portrays a misleading representation of reality that appears to have both adverse effects on the reality tv stars and those who follow them. It's fickle, enticing and dangerous for young people, and I personally don't think it's something to aspire to, so I wrote fame"

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