I'll Go Running


Squirrel Flower, the moniker of Ella Williams, has today shared a new single, 'I’ll Go Running', from her forthcoming album, Planet (i), out June 25th on Full Time Hobby. She has also announced she’ll support Soccer Mommy on a fall North American tour later this year. 'I’ll Go Running' is the second single she’s released thus far, following lead single 'Hurt A Fly', "a hot-headed barnstormer” (The FADER). In 'I’ll Go Running', Williams begins on a haunting simmer, pitching her voice over languid, slow-burning guitars from quiet resistance to full-on emotional rebellion by the song’s end: "I’ll be newer than before / I’ll be something that you’ve never seen". It’s the mantra of an artist in flux, obsessed with motion and change, but determined to move and change on her own terms. Watch the video here

Williams elaborates on the track:

"’I’ll Go Running’ is about the darker side of being an artist - the pressure to make things brand new, shocking, to give everything away and open yourself completely without always getting intentional listening and consumption in return. To be vulnerable to a knife. But it's powerful to offer yourself and your art without fear, which is what I try to do with this album. That's why this is the opening track."

The songs on Planet (i) are Squirrel Flower’s instruments for connection: with the people in her life, her collaborators, audiences, and ancestors. It was recorded in Ali Chant’s Bristol studio The Playpen, and while Williams and Chant played most of the instruments on the record, Bristol drummer Matt Brown and Portishead’s Adrian Utley also joined their sessions. The album features backup vocals from Williams’ friends and family; Tenci’s Jess Shoman, Tomberlin, Katy J. Pearson, Jemima Coulter, Brooke Bentham, and her brothers Nate and Jameson Williams, as well as her father Jesse.

Planet (i) is a world entirely of Williams’ making. The title came first to her as a joke: it’s her made-up name for the new planet people will inevitably settle and destroy after leaving Earth, as well as the universe imagined within her music. The record is a love letter to disaster in every form imaginable - these songs fully embrace a planet in ruin. Buoyed by her steadfast vision and propelled by her burning comet of a voice, Planet (i) is at once a refuge, an act of self-healing, and a musical reflection of Squirrel Flower’s inner and outer worlds.

Planet (i) is available to pre-order on CD, LP and Rough Trade exclusive vinyl, head here to pre-order. 

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