Planet EP


Following on from Planet (i) earlier this year, Squirrel Flower has returned with an accompanying release - Planet EP, due for release 28th Jan 2022. Today, Ella Williams has shared two tracks from that seven track EP; an original song called ruby at dawn, recorded in Bristol last summer with Ali Chant, and a stark, hauntingly beautiful version of Bjork’s song “unravel.” Both tracks are out now on streaming services and Bandcamp. 


"I've always felt that the pieces and process and secrets behind a finished record are the most important parts," Williams explains. "This EP is a compilation of self-recorded demos of songs that didn't make it to the record, two songs that were part of the Planet (i) studio session but left off, and a Björk cover. Most of these songs showcase my own production and exact vision, my first time in a long time releasing music that I've produced alone. Releasing this EP is an exercise in self trust and experimentation. Not all songs need to be precious and kept for the exact right time, not all recordings need to be perfect.”

Squirrel Flower is on tour in April & May 2022 in UK & Europe. Tickets and details here.

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